West Thumb and strange Elk

We saw the funniest and most sane example of elk acting like humans on June 23rd.  We had just finished hiking the lake overlook trail and were driving to Grant Village.  Two cow elk (you know I like to call them lady elk since they are so regal) came out into the road into the crosswalk.  They stop all the traffic.  One turns towards the road and the baby elk come out to cross the street.  One of the babies crosses in the crosswalk.  The other starts looking around roaming around the middle of the road.  It takes its sweet time crossing the street.  Donna and I turned to each other and said this little one won’t make it past three.  That behavior is going to get it hit by a car. The ladies then leave the road allowing cars to start driving again.

We were initially in the area to hike the overlook for Lake Yellowstone. It is a 1.7 mile lollipop loop with beautiful view of the thumb part of Lake Yellowstone. The hill climb is fairly mild so it is an easy hike for those who have good mobility.

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