Cascade Creek Trail to Cascade Lake

The road from Canyon to Tower is closed this year.  This means no one can get up to Dunraven Pass.  This area is my favorite to view wildflowers.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the wonderous views of wildflower show after wildflower show that you get on that mountain.  I was pleasantly surprised that this trail which is in the valley below Dunraven is full of flowers. 

We had never hiked this trail before.  It starts along Cascade Creek.  Be on the lookout for moose. This is a perfect habitat for moose.  While we did not see one, another hiker told us to be on the lookout because they saw a female moose walking near the lake.  We never saw that moose.  The creek gives way to a meadow.  This is where the flowers start in earnest.  All the way to the lake the area is lousy with flowers of all kinds.  Donna and I agreed this is one our of favorite hikes of the season.

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