Donna has finished her 100 miles!

This was written by Donna.

This year I decided to tackle 100 miles in a work season. Little did I realize that this season would be six weeks shorter and during a pandemic. We started work at Bridge Bay Campground in June. As soon as the employee gym opened, I paid my $10, got my member shirt and log sheet. I planned for 10 miles a week and started looking for hikes that would get me those miles.

Being smart for myself I started with short distances. After all I am 61! When I say short, I did .1 and .2 miles for my first three hikes. I needed to adjust to the higher altitude and my work schedule.

There are several hikes close to our campground.  My first hike of substance was Storm Point. It was 2.8 miles. I then did a boardwalk hike at West Thumb Geyser Basin to include the Overlook and Duck Lake.  From there I had the hiking bug. I was determined to get that 100 miles whatever it took.

I did Natural Bridge, Artist Paint Pots and Mud Volcano over a 5-day period. We went to the Grand Tetons on a day trip and added 4 miles on the String Lake Trail. I must mention the Mystic Falls Loop, we now affectionally call it the goat trail, due to the steep drop offs and narrow path. After adding up June and July miles I was 69 miles into my 100. My work hours changed from 5 hour shifts to 8 hour shifts. This meant that I needed to step up the miles and increase the days a week I hiked.

I wanted to be done with all miles by August 15 since our last day is September 7.  Between Aug 5 and the 14I logged 33.01 miles while also working 5 days of that 9 day period. Not only did I get 102.1 miles, I proved to my 61 year old self that determination and one foot in front of the other shows what can be accomplished.

A by-product was 8 lbs. lost and 4 overall inches smaller.

Now I have my 500 mile sheet, with 102.1 already completed, I added another mile with the Harlequin Lake Trail. Even though my time with the Yellowstone Hiking Club ends on our last day, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other on trails across America.

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