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We decided in January 2020 that we would get a new RV at the end of 2020 or early in 2021. We used the same process used to find our first RV. Since we were in the West near lots of dealerships, we would go and look at actual models to see if that coach met our expectations. Many dealerships were not ready for our level of inspection. Since we already had watched a walk around video on YouTube, we would go to specific sections of the coach first before walking around to view the coach. Now that we are experienced RV owners our list is a little different this time around. Any coach we choose has to have the following:

  • Split bath – separate shower from rest of bathroom
  • More counter space in the kitchen
  • Two closets
  • Black and grey tank connection must be higher off the ground
  • Must be less than 35 feet total so we can still get into most National Parks

We started this search before COVID hit. We had visited five dealerships before everything closed down. We did narrow down our search to a Class A motorhome. COVID has solidified that choice. We love our RV but since we have had to stay closer to home due to the pandemic, we realized we need more room inside. We love being outside but our exile to Las Vegas taught us that sometimes it is just too hot to be outside during the day.

We did not do any test drives before we entered Yellowstone. We took a test drive in a Class A RV last week. The model we drove was one foot longer than we currently drive. Class As are a different beast to drive. I took our the coach first. I can admit that I did have first time driving jitters. Keeping the coach in the proper lane takes some getting used to. The coach drove like a dream. Turns were easy since I already have to do that for our current coach. I know that I should be able to master class A quickly. Donna had no issues driving. She didn’t even seem nervous.

Our expected time line is to have a new RV by April 2021. COVID has really done a number on the supply chain. There are certain models that are in low supply due to extensive demand on RVs this summer. We will keep our fingers crossed. We know what model we want. We are looking for a 2018 or 2019. Yes, I am being evasive on what we are going to buy. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in the dark for long. I want to make sure we find the coach before I put it all out there.

We will sell our coach once we have taken possession of our new coach. We decided against trading because we can get more if we sell it. We don’t owe anything on our current motor home so this will not put a financial strain on us. We have also done some research. Our current model, Coachman Freelander 29KS, is no longer in production. There are people who want this coach but cannot find one. This should hopefully help with a quick sale.

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  1. Good luck on the arrival of your new coach! Can’t wait to see what you get.

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