Medical care and full-time RV living

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Since we have started living full time in our RV we have been on a search for a GP in Texas. We have insurance. Donna is retired military so we have Tricare Select. We have gotten mammograms, colonoscopy and been to the foot doctor. We have found great specialists. What we have not found is a doctor who can take care of our primary care. We had one doctor. She did our initial appointment in Texas. We were clear with her and her staff that we are full time RVers and that we will come in once per year for our wellness exam but we cannot come in on otherwise. We will keep our copies of any medical procedures or urgent care so that our record will be complete. We did state we would like to know our numbers – cholesterol, triglycerides, and A1C. A1C is most important to me because I was able to reverse Type 2 Diabetes through diet and exercise. I need to stay on top of those numbers.

After our initial appointment we never received a follow up phone call to discuss our numbers liked requested. I called five times over four months before I could get this information released. The registration desk kept insisting that I needed an appointment to get my numbers. Each time I stated that I am out of state and it was impossible to make an appointment to get something that should be easily be told over the phone. Come to find out the doctor had not read either of our labs. I knew that this time that this doctor was not going to be the right fit for us. We have not been to a primary doctor since.

This is not for lack of trying. The second doctor would not allow us to have appointment times near each other. Even if booked 6 months in advance that we could only have a 9 am and 3 pm appointment. That doesn’t work for us because we have one car. Why would we want to sit all day in San Antonio for an appointment. The next doctor stated that she could not book us an appointment without giving our social security number. I was quite confused. I don’t give SSN over the phone nor does any other doctor that I go to have this information. Donna has already had her identity compromised due to the VA breach in Atlanta a few years ago. Each year we have to jump through hoops to file our income taxes. There is no way I am going to give out this information when you cannot give me a logical reason for why I need to give my SSN beyond the system won’t all me to go any further without this information. So now we are down to one doctor on the list who also has tele-medicine. This is the last woman on the list. I hope we get a positive outcome.

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