Some of my favorite places in Southeastern Connecticut

Here are a few places that are my favorite places to visit in Southeastern Connecticut.

Fort Trumbull – New London, CT

Built in 1777 near the mouth of the Thames River, this fort has been used since the Revolutionary War. At one time it was also the home of the Coast Guard Academy, the Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory; today it is a state park. It has great views of New London and Groton. The museum is wonderful. It gives a detailed history of the revolutionary war battle where the traitor, Benedict Arnold, raided New London and Groton.

Bluff Point – Groton, CT

I have been hiking the trails at Bluff Point since I was a kid. I loved going to the shore and play in the tidal pools, looking for starfish, mussels and crabs. The last time I went with my Aunt and Uncle. I had never hiked the east side of the park. It is incredibly beautiful. Go with someone who lives in Connecticut if you go so you don’t have to pay the $17 dollars for parking. It is best is spring or the fall unless you have lots of bug spray. The mosquitos are aggressive in the summer.

Veterans Memorial Rose Garden – Norwich, CT

My Mom used to take us kids to this park to swim and picnic. We always ended the day visiting the Rose Garden before we would head home. It is one of my favorite chill spots. It is not overly large but it is tranquil.

You can make a day out of going any of these places. We pack a picnic lunch so that we can keep our costs low while exploring. Have you visited any of these places? Did you enjoy them?

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