Hershey Park and Haines Shoe House

I have been looking out for the weird and wonderful now that we are on the road again. We spent some time near Hershey, PA after we left Connecticut. Of course, we visited Hershey Park. We spent the day going on all the slow rides. Neither of us are roller coaster enthusiasts. It was a grand time watching folks on the coasters though.

I was also on the lookout for weird and wonderful. I happened to find that in Hellam, PA. The Haines Shoe House was built Mahlon Haines to advertise the shoes he sold. It was never a home. He allowed newlyweds and folks celebrating their anniversary to stay in the shoe. He also created an ice cream parlor on the bottom floor. The ice cream parlor is still open today. The house is open seasonally, so check before you go if you want to tour the inside.

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