A Day in Charleston, SC

We spent a day walking around historic Charleston SC. There were a few places that I wanted to visit. One was the Old Slave Mart Museum. The location of this museum is an old slave market. The building used to trade slaves. Many of the building in this area were used for slave trading. This museum is more written information than pictures or artifacts. Due to this, I would say this is not a under 13 friendly museum unless they have the patience to read or be read to. When I had my DNA analyzed, it was stated that it was more than likely that my enslaved ancestors came through the Charleston port before being sold to other places. This museum clearly lays out how slavery worked in South Carolina. I would recommend visiting this museum.

We also went over to Rainbow Row to see the old Georgian houses. It is funny that while I loved the houses, what I found myself drawn to were the planters. Each person has taken great care to make unique planters. I saw ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, gourds, coleus and all types of flowers. When I started to look through my pictures I ended up with pictures of planters more than anything else. It was a beautiful day to walk about and enjoy the city.

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