Brunswick and Brunswick Stew

I believe we come across a tall tale that is unique to Brunswick, GA. This yarn made us laugh. It seems that the town has a great sense of humor. However, there is evidence of Brunswick stew being made earlier than what is listed as the date for this monument. I understand town pride so I will let you decide if this is in fact the pot used to make this uniquely Georgia dish. I have not had a bowl of Brunswick stew in many years. Have you ever had it?

This town is the gift that just keeps giving. We drove through the historic downtown and found this beauty in one of its squares. I laughed so hard. Donna did not get the reference. Don’t worry. I will be fixing this travesty this Christmas. She will watch A Christmas Story.

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  1. I love Brun stew. I use to watch my Gma make it homemade using a hog’s head. We use to touch it’s eyes. Yes I grew up in the south, Dublin Ga not far from Brunswick. Never knew of that pot history tho. Safe travels

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