A Year in Review

It seems like 2021 flew by but dragged as well. I find that time seems like it moves differently as I age. I don’t have any true grievances against 2021 even with COVID still hanging over our heads. Living in a RV makes it easy to social distance. It was a busy year even though we stayed in two places for significant lengths of time. We started the year in Mission, Texas where we had a work camping job. We enjoyed the area so much that we are planning on returning in early 2022.

We spent a lot of time in Connecticut for our summer job. We spent lots of time hanging with my family and friends. We got to visit Lizzie Borden’s family home which was on top of Donna’s places to visit. We have talked about where the journey will bring us next. We know that RVing is still in our future. We just don’t see an end for this yet. We know that we will spend most if not all of 2022 in Texas. We will be visiting the Winnebago headquarters in Iowa in June to get some work done our Lonestar Sunstar but that is the only out of state travel we have planned. I have plans to volunteer with organizations that are important to me since we will be in the state so long.

Here is a few of my favorite photos that I took in the last twelve months:

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