Harry Truman Presidential Library

Donna and I have finally learned that when we go to visit a presidential library that we will be there all day. We headed off to Independence, MO in July of 2022. We were headed back to Texas after our 6 week visit to Iowa. We got up early and headed toward his boyhood home. This home was still closed due to concerns with COVID. I did get a good outside picture though. His library is a few miles from his boyhood home.

This library blew me away. It has recently updated in 2021. It is a multi media experience. Speeches; narrations; video galore! You would never know that he was marketed as a simple guy from Missouri with this library. I really appreciated the room on the atomic bomb. American and Japanese perspectives were included in the exhibit. Integration of the troops to the formation of Israel are examined in detail.

I believe this is the most comprehensive library that I have been to thus far. If you follow the map, you will end up at his office. It is still left in the same state that it was on the day he died. It is a wonderful capstone to an interesting museum. This is a place the whole family can enjoy. This is plenty of high touch items for younger children to in depth analysis for those who geek on US history. Independence, MO is all Truman all the time so I recommend spending the entire day in this small town. It is really close to Kansas City, MO. That is were we were staying when we visited this location.

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