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Update on health

blue and silver stetoscope

I have not been posting as much due to my health. I had surgery on my sinuses two weeks ago. The past 30 days has been quite hard for me. I have discussed previously that I have not been able to taste nor smell since September 2020. I have been to my medical doctor about this situation a few times. She had no answer. I can tell you that I continue to test negative for COVID.

I made an appointment with a specialist but I had to wait six weeks to get an appointment. They day I walked into his office I could barely breathe. I am glad he took my plight seriously. He had his staff on the phone with my insurance requesting an immediate CT Scan. It was approved. He found that all 8 chambers of my sinuses were full of polyps and fungi. He stated that he needed to check my lungs to make sure it had not spread to my lungs. Luckily, it had not. However, he stated with the severity of my illness that I would need surgery. The surgery was scheduled for the next week.

I will spare you the particulars beyond there is no band aid they can put on the inside of your nose. I have to go into the office each week to be reviewed. I am feeling better each day. I am breathing so much better. A slight breeze causes pressure on my nose so I wear a mask when I am outside. I should be good when we start moving again next month. The best thing is that I can smell and taste again.

Console upgrade

There are no perfect RVs. There might be something you need to change to make your home on wheels more comfortable. It has been a blessing that we have stayed in one place for so long. I have been able to complete a few projects that will make our lives more comfortable when we start moving again in a few weeks.

The one thing that we found that did not work for us in the front console. The cup holds are too low. There is no place to safely put a GPS, our breaking system display or hold phones.

Before we bought our RV we joined a Facebook user group for our specific brand. User groups are helpful because you can get ideas for modifications and most importantly discuss common problems. There is an enterprising gentleman in our group who made a modification and shared it with the group. He started making them for other folks and a new business was born.

I knew that I would buy this because I felt like a contortionist trying to use the GPS when we drove the RV. I was very excited when UPS showed up with the box. I was even more impressed when I read the directions. Clear, concise and understandable. After borrowing the correct drill bit, the whole process took about 30 minutes.

I am so pleased with this purchase. Have you done any simple modifications on your RV? Are you happy with it?

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