JoDo Chasing Rainbows

Can we get a brake?

Well, we done did it. We wrecked the braking system on the car. I mean Donna did. She admits it. While we were in Kansas our braking assist was completely engaged while we were towing the car. We drove 20 miles dragging the car near Salina, KS. When we brought the car into our trusted mechanic at MMC Auto in Stone Mountain, GA, Mike just shook his head. We had to replace the brakes, the rotors and the tires on our car. We learned a lesson. Donna is not allowed to set the brake assist in the car anymore. RVing is learning experience. We have been traveling over a year before we made this mistake. Our biggest take away is that we broke our driving rules when we drove to Atlanta. We were driving 5 to 6 hours per today instead of 4 hours. We were driving every day instead of our 2 days on the road 2 days off. We won’t do that again.

We (meaning I) was anxious to get to Atlanta so that we could empty our storage unit. Downsizing is a continuous process. We had a small storage unit in Georgia that we just had not had a chance to get back to since we left. Now this storage unit is down to 4 small boxes and 2 pictures. Those items are now will us and will be housed in Texas so we can access that items when we need it.

Our time in Atlanta was fruitful. We got to visit with old friends and attend Pride. We did not know that we would be in town during Gay Pride. This lead to a volunteer opportunity with ZAMI NOBLA on Saturday. We spent a morning working in the yard at the Biggers House. This home will house elder lesbians in a safe, affordable space. We ended the weekend going to the Pride Parade. Even though it rained it was a festive time.

While we enjoyed our visit to metro Atlanta, we are ready to leave the busy, loud city. We have one more stop on the east coast before we slowly start heading west again.


Yellowstone Tree Art

I hope you all will indulge my artistic side. I was intrigued by down and dying tree stumps throughout Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone is a conservation and preservation park. Meaning if a tree falls and it is not an immediate hazard it is not moved. Lodge pole pines have swallow roots which can fall during high winds. Thermal areas can appear and kill trees in the wake. I spent all summer taking pictures of trees and tree roots. I can now properly edit the photos now that I have access to reliable internet. I hope you enjoy my summer labor.