Five Minutes with JoDo – San Diego

We are finally on the mend. When you are a full time RVer you have to be careful not to get in the mindset of being constantly on vacation. What is a vacation state of mind?

  • Calories don’t count. You know what I mean. Most folks eat what they want and exercise very little on vacation.
  • Time and money. Folks usually eat out more and may over spend on wants like an amusement park.
  • Forgetting worries of the world. Thoughts of bills and priority spending can be compromised.

We cured ourselves of this very early into our experience as full time RVers. You might even notice I will title blogs on whether or not we are on vacation. The only true vacation we have been in since we started RVing was when we visited Corpus Christi.

San Diego is a place that will test your will when it comes to a vacation sort of mind. Luckily, we already had a to do list brewing so we got a lot of business done while we are here.

We spend a lot of time keeping track of medical bills. I still have not received a bill for treatment that I received in Yellowstone. I contacted the vendor yet again. They stated they sent the bill on January 17, 2020. My portion is $15. Since I received this treatment in August of 2019, I can rest easy knowing that this will finally be off our plate.

We got all our tax documents printed off and ready. We will get our mail next week so we will have our W-2 from Xanterra so that we can complete our taxes. We both completed our on-boarding documents and background check information for our job this summer.

I tried out two new recipes that yielded leftovers that Donna will eat. These two recipes will be added to the rotation when we return to Yellowstone. Quick, easy and nutritious meals are the only way to go when we are working.

Once we were feeling better I knew we would hit the beach. You long time readers know that I love the beach and Donna loves the mountains. This kind of makes California the perfect state for us because I can sit at the beach while she looks at a mountain. San Diego has been added to our list of places we definitely want to visit again. There is just so much to do each day. I want to visit when I am feeling 100% well. There is this hill that I want to conquer that is outside our RV park. It looks so wonderfully walk-able. My lungs are just not up to it yet.

Please enjoy our latest episode of Five Minutes with JoDo – San Diego edition.

4 Comments on “Five Minutes with JoDo – San Diego

  1. Glad to see you two are feeling better! Both Bob and I love the beach, especially on the Pacific Ocean side of the US.

    • My experience with the Pacific has been limited. I am loving it. I grew up on the east coast. Spent lots of time in and around the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific is so loud and the waves are amazing. Next week we have a spot on the beach. I am getting so excited for it.

  2. How exciting and beautifully fascinating!!! I somehow missed that this life transition had occurred, but congratulations to you both!!! I look forward to following along on the adventure!

    Take care,

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