JoDo Chasing Rainbows


RV Parking on the Sand

We had our first experience parking our RV, Sweet Georgia Brown, on the sand. When I made the reservation I thought that only the first row was on the sand. While we didn’t balk, we had concerns about parking on the sand. Would we be able to level? Would we sink? Would it be difficult to keep the sand out of the RV? Would we have problems moving the RV after our 10 day stay? I have stated previously that I would go crazy trying to keep sand out of the RV. This is why we chose not to beach camp when we were in Corpus Christi.

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Five Minutes with JoDo – San Diego

We are finally on the mend. When you are a full time RVer you have to be careful not to get in the mindset of being constantly on vacation. What is a vacation state of mind? Calories don’t count. You…

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