RV Parking on the Sand

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We had our first experience parking our RV, Sweet Georgia Brown, on the sand. When I made the reservation I thought that only the first row was on the sand. While we didn’t balk, we had concerns about parking on the sand. Would we be able to level? Would we sink? Would it be difficult to keep the sand out of the RV? Would we have problems moving the RV after our 10 day stay? I have stated previously that I would go crazy trying to keep sand out of the RV. This is why we chose not to beach camp when we were in Corpus Christi.

The spot was the most level spot we have stayed in a long time. No leveling blocks needed. I later realized when I walked in spots that it seems that there was a hard pack under all the spots. I did not ask the office staff if they do something special for the spots but I observed that no one was having a problem with keeping their motorhome level. I can also attest to the fact that we did not sink in the sand.

There was enough space where you could easily fit a carpet. I bought our carpet before we became experienced RVers. The quality of the carpet is great; it is just too big. I thought the bigger the better. I bought a 8×18 rug. See the carpet I bought:

It worked out great for the beach. I put out the carpet and a welcome mat. You could wipe shoes on the welcome mat then put shoes on the carpet before you entered the RV. I used the outdoor broom to sweep twice a day. While the carpet worked great for the beach it is the first time that I have unpacked it in almost a year. It is too much trouble to put out for a five day visit or shorter. I can state that some sand did get in the RV. Surprisingly, the sand was not a deal breaking problem.

Donna was able to drive out of the spot with no problems. We did our normal hook up and were on our way to Barstow, CA. Overall, I would like to camp on a beach again. Donna said she would do it again as well. You can’t beat the view nor can you beat being lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean each night. We did wash the RV and the car within a few day of leaving the beach to get any lingering salt and sand removed.

Have you camped on the beach? What did you think about the experience?

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