Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam was created to harness water to create electricity and to provide water to cities in Nevada, Arizona and California. This river also feeds water to cities in Mexico. The Dam also helped stop flooding along the Colorado River. So this Dam that was built during the 1930s along the border of Nevada and Arizona is still very important to the day to day lives of those who live in the Southwest.

We drove to the Dam on US 93 from the Nevada side since we were staying at the Boulder Campground. Before I-11 was built this was the only way over the Dam. I remember seeing stories of how crazy it was to traverse this area when I was a child. I can’t imagine a truck having to make all the twists and turns down to the Dam. I didn’t like it in the car. The Dam is still a popular tourist attraction. After you pass through security and car search, you can make your way to the Dam. Parking is $10. You can also walk to the Dam on the old Railroad Trails if you don’t want to pay. That is about a 3 mile walk from the parking lot to the Dam. We did that once for fun.

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know that I have a fear of heights. Each time we go to a location I like to test myself. Hoover Dam is a great place to test this fear. Donna and I walked from the Nevada to the Arizona side and back. It was pretty epic. I did not get nauseous at all. I call that a win.

We also walked the I-11 bridge to the Nevada/ Arizona border. I could only do this by not looking at Hoover Dam at all. Donna took in all the views. I can state this bridge is very sturdy. It only had a slight sway in it.

Have you been to the Hoover Dam? What did you think?

4 Comments on “Hoover Dam

  1. I have a fear of heights as well. The bridge scares the crap out of me.

    • Me too. I try to flex this fear muscle whenever I can. I am getting a little better the more places we visit. Hope you are doing well in Texas.

  2. I try to flex it as well, especially as a landscape photographer. But there is no way I will look over viewpoints without railings or similar.

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