Update: Traveling with a Cat

Black Lightening is now a travel cat. She has come a long way from when we started in June 2018. We were concerned when we started this journey that our cat would hate it. She was not the happiest of campers on travel days when we first started. She would cry if we did not give her enough attention.

She is now a pro with her carrier. I don’t have to pretend the carrier exists. I can bring it down and place it in front of her and ask her to walk in. Before I used to have to catch her, hold her and place her in the carrier. Not any more. This also makes it easier on me when we have to go to the vet. She still doesn’t like that either but it is no longer a stressful time for either of us.

She has also taken over the motorhome. She likes to nap in the front passenger seat in the morning. Her mid-day nap is usually on the bed so that she can lay down but still look out the window if an interesting animal should appear. The afternoon to early evening nap is on the jack knife. I got her a towel that I can wash each week so that the couch is not full of cat hair.

Lucky for us she still does not want to go outside. She does like to sit by the door and look out but that is it. I am very thankful that she has adapted to the road. She is our last living pet. She will be twelve years old this year. I want her with us for the rest of her/our days.

If you are traveling with a cat who is unhappy, don’t give up. Try to be patient. It takes time. It took our cat a year to adapt to the road. We also used a calming spray on her towel in her carrier. That seemed to help.

Do you travel with a cat? How did your cat behave?

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